• From clutter to calm

    Build a coordinated set of seasonal outfits that suit your figure and your lifestyle. Say goodbye to too many clothes but nothing to wear.

  • Step by step

    With each video and text-based lesson I will move you steadily towards your goal - to love the way you look. Take your time. Enjoy the journey.

  • Discover your own style

    Start with what you have. Then follow the process for knowing exactly what to buy to bring out your unique style. No more unwearable clothes. No more wasted money. No more guilt.

What you'll learn

Study modules

  • 1

    Welcome to the Mature Style Course

    • Let's get started

    • Ready, set, go!

  • 2

    Defining your personal style

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Finding what inspires you today

    • Understanding the difference between fashion and style

    • Setting your style preferences

    • Describing your style

    • Thinking beyond classic style

    • Understanding style statements

    • Comparing your favorite outfits

    • Assessing your current wardrobe

  • 3

    Organizing your online research

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Collecting seasonal ideas

    • Collecting your best brands

    • Organizing wish lists

  • 4

    The capsule wardrobe - working with color

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Starting your first capsule wardrobe

    • Sorting your closet by season

    • All about color

    • Setting the anchor for your capsule wardrobe

    • Using beige as a base or secondary color

    • Choosing a secondary color for your capsule wardrobe

    • Deciding on a special color for your capsule wardrobe

  • 5

    Reducing the size of your capsule

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Choosing a small set of items

    • Checking your outfits match your lifestyle

    • Trying on your first selection

  • 6

    Dressing for your figure type

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Finding your body type

    • Styling a rectangle figure type

    • Styling an hourglass figure type

    • Styling a square or round figure type

    • Styling a triangle figure type

    • Styling an inverted triangle figure type

    • Doing a second try-on

  • 7

    Dealing with problem areas

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Dealing with untoned or heavy arms

    • Dealing with imperfect legs and choosing shoes

    • Dealing with thick ankles and choosing footwear

    • Dealing with curvy calves and choosing boots

  • 8

    Investing in your wardrobe

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Going shopping

    • Making a budget for wardrobe purchases

    • Buying a cardigan

    • Buying jeans

    • Buying tops

    • Buying leggings

    • Buying a coat

  • 9

    Adding the final touches to your style

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Choosing the right footwear

    • Choosing headwear

    • Styling scarves

    • Choosing jewelry

    • Upstyling from casual to stylish on a budget

  • 10

    Going forward

    • Why you should complete this section

    • Keeping a record of your capsule wardrobe

    • Organizing your closet

    • Congratulations!

Let me be your guide

Joni Farthing

Style used to be so simple once upon a time. But turning fifty made me rethink what to wear. I studied personal styling at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York to understand the rules of great style. Then in my sixties I downsized my life and decided to do the same for my closet. Now I plan a capsule wardrobe ahead of each season so I never need to experience 'nothing to wear' anxiety when I start my day. Now in my seventies I have more confidence in how I look than I've ever had. I'd love you to feel that confidence too.